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Fact Sheet 2012–2013

Fact Sheet 2012–2013

The Exploratorium is changing the way the world learns.

Exhibitions and Programs

  • More than 1,000 interactive exhibits have been designed and built on site, with 600 on display at Pier 15
  • Hands-on exhibits explore biology, physics, listening, cognition, visual perception, social behavior, and environment
  • The museum has hosted more than 250 artists-in-residence
  • 80 percent of science centers internationally use Exploratorium exhibits, programs, or ideas

Education and Research

  • Since 1995, 6,400 educators from 48 states and 11 countries have completed Exploratorium workshops
  • Community Educational Engagement offers 3,500 underserved children and families free science workshops
  • 70 underserved middle- and high-school students participate in XTech, a college-prep program
  • The Explainer program hires and trains 200+ students ages 15-19 as docents
  • The Osher Fellowship program hosts four resident scholars, scientists, educators, and artists each year
  • The museum has a nationally recognized research & evaluation group with 8 staff members, including 3 Ph.Ds.


  • 13 million people visit www.exploratorium.edu annually to view the 50,000 pages of original content
  • 75 live webcasts, podcasts, and videos produced each year; 294,000 visitors viewed the Transit of Venus webcast from Mauna Loa, Hawaii, putting exploratorium.edu in the top 10 web content providers for the day with nytimes.com and aol.com
  • 25,000 copies of Exploratorium-developed publications sold in the past year, with 18 titles in print
  • Sound Uncovered and Color Uncovered, highly rated, free interactive apps for the iPad


  • Opening April 17, 2013, 330,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor space at Pier 15 on the San Francisco waterfront, providing 3 times more space than the original Palace of Fine Arts location
  • Environmentally-friendly design incorporating a bay water heating and cooling system, rooftop photovoltaic arrays, rainwater collection, and high-performance windows and glass to achieve net zero energy goal
  • 1.5 acres of free space feature a public plaza on the Embarcadero, public lobby with a Bay History Walk, waterfront promenade, outdoor exhibits, café, and Exploratorium store
  • The museum includes six main galleries; 200-seat theater; life sciences laboratory; wired classrooms and labs; and machine, wood, and electronics shops
  • The Exploratorium offers rental space during evening hours

Budget and Staff

  • 2012–13 budget $58,662,223
  • 554 employees (290 full-time equivalent); 39 percent people of color; 25 Ph.D.-level scientists and educators
  • 250 volunteers contribute 16,000 hours annually