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Traits of Life - Life Science Worksheets

Traits of Life - Life Science Worksheets

What Does It Mean to Be Alive?

This Pathway is designed to help students explore the concepts of life by observing, asking questions, and making connections.

This Pathway uses questions to introduce students to fundamental concepts of life. These questions are open-ended, for the most part, and are meant to make students think and ask more questions. The classroom may be a good space to engage students in discussion, both before and after their visit to the museum, and to have them begin designing experiments to answer testable questions. Students may refer back to their notes from the Exploratorium to guide them in further learning about the Traits of Life.

California Science Standards[PDF]

Grade Topic Subsection
4 Life Sciences 2. a, b, c; 3. a  
Investigation and Experimentation 6. a  
5 Life Sciences 2. a, b, e, f, g  
Investigation and Experimentation 6. a, f, h  
6 Ecology 5. a
Heat 3. b
Investigation and Experimentation 7. a, h  


Worksheets for Guided Pathways are provided to bring structure to your field trip. The teacher’s version provides additional support materials as well as sample answers to the worksheet questions.

Teacher’s Version[doc]

Student Worksheet[doc]